Leadership Training for Christ (LTC)

Our desire at the Prineville Church of Christ is train our youth to be leaders and disciples. We want them to do more than just attend events. We want them to truly follow Jesus. We do this intentionally through LTC.

LTC allows kids (3rd-12th grade) to experiment with different aspects of discipleship and leadership. Each child chooses which projects to work on during the school year and highlights their work at a yearly convention held the third weekend in April each year. These events take place within the context of a wholesome and supportive environment designed for the purpose of fostering enthusiasm and high achievement among the participants.

LTC depends on the involvement and support of parents and other interested adults in the preparation leading up to and during the annual convention. Convention weekend culminates in a Saturday Night Celebration to showcase as many events as possible, and then a Sunday morning worship service to reinforce the spiritual aims of the program.

LTC is one way our young people can grow as disciples together and develop to become the leaders of tomorrow in our churches. For more information talk to Michelle and visit the convention website. ltcnw.org

LTC 2020 Theme: The Promise